The Management

about managementCreative Graphics was founded by a group of professionals with domain expertize in Advertising, Graphics, and Information Technology. Our business philosophy encompasses all our stakeholders – Customers, Employees, and Investors. We value integrity and this forms the foundation of our policies that affect all these three groups that contribute to our success and growth. We believe in optimizing the interests of these stakeholder groups by judicious use of time, technology, and resources.

For the customer we believe in delivering a product that maximizes the value we generate for them while maintaining the high ethical standards of corporate behaviour and not, under any circumstances, compromizing on the quality and security of the customer’s content or technology.

For employees Creative Graphics provides an environment for professional growth with enormous freedom and scope for innovation. We strive to maintain a work environment that inspires an individual to excel while experimenting with new ideas and thoughts.

For the investor we understand that their resources are to be optimally utilized in order to generate true value for them.

Innovation, change and ability to adapt to changing technologies has been the key strengths of our management team.